Bus Information for 2016-2017

Dear SMA families:

PLEASE CONSIDER USING THE BUS! It reduces congestion on our campus, it is reliable and safe, and it gives parents more free time in the morning and afternoon. Our goal is to come as close to everyone’s door as possible, or at least within a block or two.

Our goal for SMA bus service is to serve areas of GREATEST NEED AND INTEREST. This means that areas we currently serve are not the only areas that we could serve. BUT IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU, the SMA families, TELLING US YOUR INTEREST so we can be creative and helpful.

Each year the school demographics change. All of these dynamics change our potential routes. Please understand that the route this year may not be the same as next year. If we get enough interest in a certain area the routes will change to serve that area.

Thus, WE NEED YOUR HELP AND YOUR VOICE (as well as your $50 registration fee!) to get things done early.

Cost is spread out monthly and historically, we have received a subsidy at the end of each school year. The subsidy is distributed to each family who rode the bus the year. This subsidy generally defrays about 50% of the cost. We cannot guarantee that there will be a subsidy next year or in any other year in the future. However, we have never failed to receive a subsidy so we always remain hopeful that this will continue.

Please fill out your registration form and send in your $50 deposit. We cannot promise that we will be able to serve everyone who sends in a registration form but we work tirelessly to make sure everyone who has an interest in riding the bus gets a spot. If we are not able to service your child(ren) then the $50 deposit is refunded.

Areas where there are a large volume of SMA families are the most ideal. And that way the bus can pick up the most children in a small period of time. These areas include Prospect, Forest Springs, Glen Oaks, White Blossom /Springhurst , the Westport Road Corridor, as well as the Barbour Lane/Springdale area. (This is not an all-inclusive list of areas, but you get the idea).


The SMA Bus Committee:

John Horlander cell 468-9795

Anne Limberg cell 727-2824

Please fill out and return the BUS APPLICATION by March 1, 2016 if you have ANY interest at all in having your child(ren) ride the bus.